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the ancient art of Neapolitan sculpture

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Welcome to the Art Studio “Federico Iaccarino”

Here, surrounded by the artistic works inspired by the ancient Neapolitan sculptural tradition, you can experience emotions that knock from the past to contemplate an art that withstand the passage of time thanks to classic flavor works made by the master Federico Iaccarino with the same dexterity of the past great artists.

The sculptor of Meta di Sorrento, known and appreciated all over the world for his exceptional artistic skills, with his creative flair contributes every day to writing a new era for Neapolitan sculpture.

Neapolitan sculpture, yesterday, today and tomorrow

Neapolitan sculpture is the pure story of an era, a kingdom, of the desire to move the air with always balanced, soft, decisive shapes, with lived colors.
It is the simple desire to convey in those who look the matchless wonder of the truth.
Then there is a deep, manic research, where splints and brushes become constant and daily accessories.
The artist himself becomes a link between client and work, between what he observes and what he realizes, in a divine scheme that, with all respect, still calls us to amaze by spreading his verb …”

Federico Iaccarino

Relive the art of the past with new emotions

It is possible to admire the works of the artist at the Federico Iaccarino Art Studio located in via Guglielmo Marconi 57 (Meta), a few kilometers from Sorrento.

© Federico Iaccarino
P.IVA 05435501217